THE DARK KNIGHT RISES (2012) movie review

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES (2012) movie review

Splatter: on FILM

A message of hope pervades Nolan‘s third in this Batman trilogy.

From chaos, order.

From death, life.

From a cave-like prison of darkness to freedom in the light.

The Bale… The Bat… The JGL… The Cat… Fast vehicles and witty chopped phrasing. This one didn’t leave me with a 2 hour migraine like the last one. It’s like Nolan found a way to use a little humor to break up the tension a bit.

I’ll admit that even in the small town theater that I saw this in, I was overly aware of the recent shooting in Aurora. I eyed the doorways and crowd members, and scenes with gunfire became brutal, constant reminders of the tragedy. The violence is inescapable.

Fear plays a persistent enemy in film and life, nagging and threatening our joy. Author John Knowles calls fear “the opposite face of uncontrollable joy.” I love that phrase…

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