THE HOBBIT (2012) movie review

The Hobbit

Splatter: on FILM

ImageI have to respect Peter Jackson no matter what. Doesn’t he basically employ New Zealand? Even if not, Aragorn is on the side of a plane, Tolkien is a household name, and 3-hour epics are no longer reserved for ancient greats like The Ten Commandments and Gone with the Wind. My family watches these together, and we have dubbed our family home “The Shire.”



Jackson did endeavor to make this epic unique by filming in 48 fps (frames per second), when most films are shot in 24. I suppose this was to send a constant reminder that this is not just another installment of LOTR.  An hour into Hobbit Part 1 in 3-D, however, my brother asked if my eyes had adjusted yet. No. And I’m not certain that they ever quite did.

The 3-D and 48 fps somehow made this epic feel like a British sitcom. The perfection…

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